SymAgri Support Package Overview and Terms



Support Package Benefits 


Thank you for choosing SymAgri to support your Precision Agricultural Technology system. This Document includes the details of the terms and conditions of our support package. Please read through and fill in the necessary areas and return back to us. Packages are for one year either purchased separately or included in your new system. Systems covered are listed on a sperate sheet and you will receive a copy for your records. 

The term support, is initial response to issues relating in terms of operator, software or hardware faults. Not including the repair or replacement of faulty parts and hardware. Initial response is answering calls in a timely manner within the boundaries of are normal working capacity and practices. Calls resulting in a required visit will be done in a timely manner with priority given to support package customers but not exclusively.

The term winter service is to include full heath check of system but does not include any reworks of faults found, we will advise and quote before any works is undertaken. It also does not include any software updates that should have been done previously by other dealers. However, we will carry out a software update if we feel or know it will improve the performance of the unit but reserve the right not to if we know of any issues with current software levels.

The support package includes initial set up and visit to obtain information, also to install where possible and suitable any hardware to enable remote support.

 One winter service to be included either at the end of the term or at the beginning. As set out in the winter service document.

Driver training to an “advanced” level per unit per nominated user of each unit as per the install sheet. An advanced level is where all parties agree that we have achieved as much as we can within a single session to an individual’s ability. SymAgri withhold the right to charge for further training of new users or unregistered users. New users who are operating listed systems should be made known to SymAgri.

*Labour discount on chargeable work carried out by SymAgri on precision agricultural technology system equipment listed at a rate noted below. It does not include any cost invoiced by any other company or TNS. It also does not cover any other manufacture/machine related issues. Fixed by ourselves or by others. 

Remote support via Team Viewer on compatible units. This will mean the screen will be controlled by us, we will ask the operator if its so safe to do so, SymAgri takes no responsibility for any issues arising from taking over the screen as it is the responsibility of the operator to ensure it is safe for us to do so. The operator has the control to stop the session at any time and should do so if there is any risk of damage or injury. 

Remote support requires having hardware fitted to the tractor which will be done as part of the support package. The hardware will be owned by yourselves as part of the support package at the end of the term, however it is the responsibility of yourselves to maintain and replace if broken lost or damaged. During the term SymAgri will remain in full control of passwords and usage of the hardware. The hardware will contain a data sim using the EE phone network for internet. If coverage is poor SymAgri takes no responsibility for this and will endeavour to provide support by other methods. Data usage of the sim is reserved for remote assistance only any data use out side of this use. i.e., internet etc will be charged at double the retail rate. SymAgri take no responsibility for any illegal use of sim however it remains the property of SymAgri at all times even after support package term has ended.

Phone support is free with the support package at all times, as long as the support call is related to the unit registered within the package. Phone support is during normal working hours of SymAgri/TNS, outside of this there will be no charge but we can not guarantee the same response time. Phone calls will be directed through are call management program and will be monitored and recorded. It is essential we have all contacts so that we can preload these in to system.

Any support calls relating in a visit will not be charged, however if the support call becomes a repairable job SymAgri reserves the right to charge as agreed at the discounted level above. No parts to be included in any support package. 

There will be a free web portal available. Contact can be made via this and is available 24/7. The portal will enable logged in users to raise a” ticket” which will attended to during normal working hours. Tickets and ticket status will remain visible to the user and can be shared. On the portal will also be information and help guide. There is also a forum where other support package members can help each other. Any abuse to any other person or company will not be tolerated and offending users will be removed.  Please note this service is provided by a third-party and when you sign up you agree to their terms and conditions.

 SymAgri reserves the right to charge for milage on any visit either for support package reason or a chargeable repair job.

SymAgri cannot be held responsibility for any signal issues with any provider of said signal and any support given which was a result of a signal issue may be charged. 

On occasions SymAgri may use third party companies for example TNS to help provide support however any billing will be made by SymAgri. 

I have read the above terms and conditions and agree with them in their entirety, I also understand that with no less than 30 days’ notice the service may be withdrawn and any value of the term not used will be refunded. I also understand that this form will be processed by Thurlow Nunn Standen trading as SymAgri. I understand that this data may be shared with third parties in order to provide this service. A full copy of Data Privacy Statement is available on request or can be viewed on the parent company’s website

Discount level agreed………………………%